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Helga Group is the group of companies which was organized during the period from 1998 till 2000. The main activity of the companies is incoming and tourist-service on the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. The managment of the companies is operated by professional managers with long-term experience in the tourist business which helps to garantee the quality of service of our tourists. On this page the profiles and contact details of the companies which are in this group are given.



Incoming travel agency in Czech Republic
You can find our offers on a web-site of our representative in Russia www.devisu.ru

Adress: Konevova 651, Praha 3
Telefon: +420 271 770 895
Fax: +420 271771949
e-mail: andersonhelga@tiscali.cz
Contact person: Boris Serebro, reditel


Incoming travel agency in Slovakia
You can find our offers on our web-site www.helga-slovakia.com, and also at the web-site of our representative in Russia www.devisu.ru

Adress: Strecnianska 12, 851 05 Bratislava, Slovenska republika
Telefon: + 421 2 6381 4448, + 421 905 746412, + 421 905 624 856
e-mail: Helga@netax.sk
Web: www.helga-slovakia.com
Contact person: Olga Piskorova, Director


Touroperator for Europian Destinations. Incoming in Russian Federation. Basic destinations: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Benilux, Great Britain, Switzerland.
You can get acquainted with our offers on a site www.devisu.ru. We invite agencies to cooperation.

Adress: 23/1, Gagarinskij per., Moscow, 119034, Russia
Telefon: + 7 495 215 22 28
Fax: + 7 495 956 7663
e-mail: online@devisu.ru
Web: www.devisu.ru
Contact person: Alexei Lebed, Director

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